The firm specializes in the design of sustainable development projects and has developed a reputation for innovative solutions. The firm has won numerous international, national, and regional awards for their work. BDA is committed to advancing the principles of sustainable design which includes all development that is designed to conserve and enhance community resources and ecological processes. The firm offers design services for all landscape based projects from regional scale planning projects to individual site design projects. The firm also provides full implementation services including detailed drawings, tender documents and site supervision services. BDA have completed sustainable development projects in the following categories: Sustainable Site Design - Many projects require programmatic elements such as parking, special activities, and other features that must be designed in balance with the natural features and natural systems of a particular site. Environmental site design ensures protection of natural systems and the integration of the project with the natural environment. Urban Design - BDA’s approach to Urban Design projects is to ensure that development contributes to the establishment of sustainable communities. This includes restoration and protection of the environment, emphasis on pedestrian amenities, protection of historical and cultural resources and development of tourism opportunities. Park and Open Space Planning and Design - These projects include a wide range of park systems; municipal, provincial, and regional. BDA provides planning and conceptual development, detailed implementation Plans and management plans for recreation, interpretation and tourism use. Landscape Restoration - Most, if not all projects have an element of landscape restoration. Sustainable development requires a zero net loss philosophy, therefore rehabilitation and restoration plays an important role in our approach to site development. Sustainable Tourism Planning and Design - This is an emerging field of work that BDA has pioneered. Sustainable Tourism Planning and Design involves developing a sustainable tourism based economy that fosters community awareness and commitment to environmental protection and restoration. BDA have been recognized nationally and internationally for their work in sustainable tourism.

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